About Colback®

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Carrying your innovation


Colback® is the overall brand name for all technical fabrics used in transportation, interior carpeting, resilient flooring and decorative solutions. The brand stands for world leading technology and maximum product performance. Its unique design delivers properties that make Colback® the preferred choice for premium products across multiple industries - the number one for nonwovens.


Unique manufacturing process

Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, supported by extensive in-house process technology and product development expertise, Colback® can be tailored to suit specific manufacturing processes and the requirements of demanding end-uses.

Manufacturing process that maximizes flexibility

All Colback® nonwovens are based on our unique two-step manufacturing process involving the spinning of bi-component yarns followed by a special lay-down and bonding technique to form the finished fabric. This process involves a rich set of parameters that allows us to tailor Colback® to deliver the properties required for each specific application, making Colback® unique in the world of high performance nonwovens. The product range spans nonwovens made from recycled material and composites with inlay for specific functionalities.


Colback® nonwoven fabrics are applied in a variety of markets:

Tufted Flooring

Colback® nonwoven fabrics are widely used as a primary backing in tuft constructions:

  • Carpet Tiles
  • Dust Control Mats
  • Commercial Broadloom Carpets


Colback® can be used for many different applications in the automotive industry :

  • Car Mats (primary and secondary backings)
  • Molded Car Carpets (primary and secondary backings)
  • Cabin Air Filters (as a support medium)
  • Other Interior Products (support in head liners, trunk liners and door panels)


Coated Flooring

Colback® can be applied as a carrier or as a secondary backing in vinyl flooring.


Specialty spunlaid nonwoven Colback® is available in different compositions. It's perfect dyeability allows users to create unique designs that are applied in different industries, such as the florist business and applications such as decorations or packaging/gift wrapping. 

 Colback® Features

  • Open homogeneously bonded filament based structure
  • Outstanding dimensional and thermal stability in all directions
  • High tensile strength per mass unit
  • Excellent  tear resistance, especially on the edges
  • Consistent performance 

Colback® Benefits

  • Optimum stability for finished products as well as during tufting, dyeing, printing, pre-coating and backing
  • Easy and constant processing with low chance of tearing, providing minimum waste levels and high machine uptime 
  • Excellent penetration and fixation of (pre) coatings.